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Gaining organic traffic is the core of search engine optimisation. However, with almost every website and the rest of your competition doing the same thing, it makes it very hard to sustain your online position. As your competition grows, empowering your business from the ground up will make it harder for you. So, we offer sustainable ways to maintain your web position and maximise your capital. That’s where we incorporate search engine marketing strategies for your business. WebSpree Digital is a search engine marketing firm on the Gold Coast specialiasing in paid online marketing.

What is a Search Engine Marketing Strategy?

SEM, for short, is also known as Pay-per-click (PPC) Ads on Google. Its where all types of businesses (small or big businesses alike) pay Google to appear for their desired search terms on the top SERPs. This may sound simple, but it is a highly competitive and complicated process that DIY approach may harm in the long term. You can talk to the PPC experts like WebSpree Digital on the Gold Coast.

How does SEM or PPC Work?

Unlike plugging ads on TV or radio stations, PPC is done by bidding. Every business bids on certain keywords. You allocate a certain budget and bid on a keyword or a keyword phrase. If you have the highest bid for every click, then you get the opportunity to have the highest rank on Google SERPs. However, only paying the highest amount will not give you the best results. Ad quality is one of the vital factors when Google considers allocating positions to the paid Ads. It’s a complex strategy, where Paid Ad professionals like WebSpree Digital can offer better results.

Bidding an amount on a certain keyword means that every time a user clicks on your paid ads on Google, you will have to pay Google for every click made. And yes, even if it is an accidental click, you have to pay for it.

Google earns its revenue mainly on running PPC Ads. In 2017, it was reported that Google grossed more than $110 billion on their Ads funnel alone. This shows that a vast number of businesses willingly put their eggs in the SEM basket to stay ahead of the competition. Paid advertising on Google allows you to be viewed fast and increases your traffic dramatically. It also directly influences your authority and dominance in your niche.

How is it different from SEO or organic search?

Organic searches are the results of all your SEO efforts. Though effective, it is volatile. Even if you have good quality content but have a poor backlinks profile and a low domain rating, it is hard to rank higher in the SERPs. PPC is a shortcut to that. Instead of doing all the organic hard work and wait for endless time, you can pay Google to show your webpage quicker for search results. If a user types in your preferred keyword phrase on the search bar, your webpage will be displayed based on your Ad quality, bidding amount you had agreed to pay and many other factors.

Unlike organic traffic, you get an immediate boost in traffic results and also a dramatic increase in your conversion rate due to paid clicks. Organic traffic takes time. As time goes by, your page will either go higher or lower in the SERPs depending on the effort you do to market your website or its pages.

Why is this important and strategic?

●      Filtered Audience

Through SEM, we are sure that traffic coming your way are already narrowed down or filtered within your target market. Why? Because of the fact that they’ve already actively searched for similar products or services that you are offering. It means that the people entering your website through these clicks know what they want and in hopes of getting what they’re looking for.

●      Increased Conversion Rate

We’ve mentioned it a couple of times already, but from a conversion rate of 1%, you can hike it up to 5% or even more through paid ads.

●      Instant Brand Awareness

One of the hardest things to build is brand awareness. Through SEM, you are immediately plugging your brand on the top pages of Google as if it were the largest most colorful billboard in Times Square.

●      Limited Spending

When you bid, you allocate how much you are willing to spend. You can also choose to bid on long tail keywords to spend less but ensure high-quality traffic.

●      Ads Restructuring

WebSpree Digital uses retargeting and remarketing strategies to reach potential clients in the right place at the right time.

Here’s how it works for us:

Setup, Tweak, Monitor

We already know the ins and outs of an effective search engine marketing strategy. We guarantee you that you will get a high-value keyword at a low cost per click. In the process, we monitor keywords with very high relevance to ensure that you are hitting the right target from the get-go. WebSpree has an STM formula that works every time!

●      Setup Ad campaign

Needless to say, we will set up your pay per click advertising needs from the ground up. From keyword research to bidding and ad placements, we do it all for you.

●      Tweak Campaign

We will make sure to set up your Ad campaign and point it in the right direction. We’re not just limiting our services to Google Ads. There are also other platforms that offer paid ads like Facebook Ads. No matter what platform you choose, we will help it be visible in almost all corners of the digital world and across all channels available for us.

●      Monitor Campaigns

Our job doesn’t stop there. We are in constant alert as we monitor your Ad campaigns. We analyse the performance of your campaign and make adjustments and changes to where it is needed. We re-analyse and re-strategise to suit the changing needs and wants of your clients.

Are you ready to market your business in a broader platform and get instant results? Drop us a call at +61 438 800 701 or email us at so we can plan your ads campaign together.

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