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Whoever said that email is a thing of the past, is ill-informed of its potential to still be an effective marketing tool. The reality is that almost everyone still owns an email address and uses it. Unlike email causing the regular mail to almost become obsolete, email is still a continuous and effective form of communication. In fact, your email is the core of all your online accounts from chatting apps, smartphone settings, social media accounts, and even business-related tools and online apps.

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What most online entrepreneurs forget when establishing an online business is taking advantage of email as a powerful marketing tool. And you can surely make use of emails to market your business for free! Though more and more people are getting aware of email marketing, they’re not able to utilize it well enough to bring quality traffic and high conversion traffic towards your website.

Benefits Your Business Will Get from Email Marketing

  • Directly Increase Monetisation. Whether it’s boosting sales or driving revenue to your website, emails send a direct invite to customers to purchase new items, avail of vouchers and promotions and sales.
  • Low-Cost Marketing. No ads or clicks to pay in sending emails. What’s great about email marketing is that we can reach your real customers and constantly promote your business at barely any cost.
  • High Conversion Rate. We are already sending emails to customers with whom you’ve had previous engagements with or customers who are willing to stay tuned to your emails. This list results in bringing a higher conversion rate towards your website.
  • Effortless Marketing with a Personalized Touch. Every email is addressed to the user’s preferred name. You can also personalise emails or group emails according to demographics or location.
  • Highly Measurable Strategy. We can easily measure how many people were prompted to buy because of an email. We will know the exact number of subscriptions or cancellations of subscriptions as well as how often they visit your website or make transactions made through your emails.
  • Adaptable Marketing Tool. Since it is very easy to measure the positive or negative effects of email marketing, we can adjust our strategy to make it more successful.
  • Increases Site and Business Value. Emails make your website look professional and even add value to your website.

Stages of a Powerful Email Campaign

  1. Email campaigns and Newsletters. Through collected data from our generated leads, we will make sure to set up running email campaigns for you. Through this, we will feed a constant stream of information relevant to your client’s needs available for them. This will serve as a formal and proper channel for your subscribers or potential clients to hear about what’s new with your business and the latest offers you have for them. We will utilise tried and tested tools like Mailchimp to accomplish this said goal.
  2. Personalised email. As clients, we want to feel valued and appreciated, right? So, what better way for us to impart to our clients that we care about them than putting in that personal touch on your email campaigns or newsletters. Plus, it’s the best way to retain them and keep them loyal to your business.
  3. Data analysis. Email marketing will not only help spread your brand but also help in studying collected data and use it for strategy building. This will give you the needed edge when it comes to dealing with your clients. It also enables us to tweak your email campaigns and strategies to cater to their growing and ever-changing wants and needs.

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