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Are you having a hard time getting people to visit your website? Is it a struggle to get your business known? Boost your organic online presence with WebSpree Digital Gold Coast SEO services. Using the right set of keywords, we can launch your business to a broader audience.

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What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimisation is the most common strategy used by all web owners to rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs). In SEO, we optimise a website to meet the requirements or algorithm set by search engine in ranking websites. In other words, we make it simple for Google and other search engines to find your website and put it in the results pages. This involves a multitude of tasks like keyword research, on-page optimisation, off-page optimisation, content development and management, social media management and at times optimised paid marketing strategies plus more.

How Does SEO Work?

One of the main aspects of SEO is keyword research and optimisation. Here, we choose only the best fitting search terms or phrases to make your business or website easy for users to find. Being found for your targeted keywords on Google gives authority to your website. It also adds prestige to the name of your brand.

The WebSpree Digital team continuously work to improve the online presence of your business by giving it credibility through SEO. We don’t just blog and fix tags to make the website user friendly, we analyse markets to come with specific strategies. Then, we take actions depending on the needs of your business and online presence and get your desired result.

How We Do It

We optimise the structure of a website from its core coding to its content and design. We also use the latest white hat SEO techniques that are tried, tested and proven to help boost websites’ online visibility.  Our primary goal is to hook users to your website through User Intent Optimisation. We always think like a potential client guaranteeing you a website that is made for your target audience and beyond.

Our SEO services include:

Quality Content

Quality over quantity; that’s our motto. You can post as much as content you want. However, without quality content, it is impossible to reach and attract potential customers online. Quality content is your main sales agent. With great content, you are constantly offering your services 24/7. It also helps you get the attention from your audience, increase your conversion rate and build your online presence and authority. It’s also the primary way for you to dominate your niche.

Research and Selection of Keywords

Understanding what the user is searching online is necessary to become successful. The trend is shifting towards “Voice Search”. To match up, we target long tail keywords that are less competitive but with high search volume. At WebSpree Digital we use industry leading keyword tools (Keyword Magic Tool, Niche Laboratory, AnswerThePublic, Keywords Everywhere and Keyword Planner) to identify what your clients are typing and asking Google. We produce content such as blogs, social posts, infographics, images, videos to generate the spikes when they are searched for. With proper implementation of the right keywords in your content, we reach your target audiences.

Structure of the Web

Information flow is vital. User behaviour data shows that your client will lose interest in your products and services if they are not ideally positioned on your website. You need a well-structured website to make it easier for search engines to crawl. Plus it also streamlines your website making it efficient and user-friendly. This way you can have a crawl-issue free website giving you that competitive edge against your competitors.

Our SEO goal is to provide traffic to your website, make them convert or take action, helping you achieve a strong brand impression and better search visibility. We always give positive results. Are you ready to put your business website on the SERPs? Give Julian Price a call at +61 438 800 701 or message us at

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