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Social Media, for the good part of the past decade, has become a significant player in the digital marketing world. People spend a good chunk of their day on various social media platforms. If you bump into someone using their mobile device, then chances are they are checking and updating their social media profiles. Given how prevalent it has become in our daily lives, it’s just about time until you utilise it for digital or online marketing. Yes! You guessed it, that time is now.

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How Important is Social Media Marketing?

Social media being a networking and communications tool, makes a perfect place to scout, find, and study your potential customers. It has billions of users all over the world and across a multitude of demographics.  Most people are more comfortable in social media platforms than going through blogs, online magazines, and forums or discussion boards. Not only that, people interact more through it.

Social media platforms nowadays have their own search engine. They are all optimised to giving their users the best results. This way, users feel more at ease in looking for information about certain businesses or persons-of-interest on social media. Plus, it’s a natural credibility booster if well managed and advertised. Through this, you will be able to gauge your market’s growing and evolving interests, whether it may be through private chats or the comments sections of posts.

If those don’t convince you yet, let’s check out these mind-blowing facts about social media:

  1. 95% of adults who go online within the age range of 18-34 years old follow a brand on social media. Without a social media account, you are missing out on a huge market.
  2. 71% of users who had a great social media experience with a brand will most likely recommend that brand. Think about the free advertising you’re going to get.
  3. 90% of social media users use this platform to communicate with a business, and 63% of customers expect a brand or business to offer customer services through their social media channels.
  4. Users spend 69% of their smartphone usage on social media. Not everyone likes browsing search engines. With more people on social media, you should think about how much screen time you’re going to get through social media.
  5. In 2018, almost 1 million people signed up to social media accounts every single day.
  6. There are over 3.3 billion unique active social media users as of 2018. And this number keeps on growing not just every year but every day!
  7. There are 50 million small business pages on Facebook, but only 8% or 4 million total businesses use Facebook Paid Ads.
  8. In 2015, Facebook was able to influence 52% of online and offline purchases to their users. This stands in great comparison against its 36% influence on users in 2014.
  9. In February 2016, over 4.4 million videos were uploaded on Facebook directly by users, and it generated over 199 billion views in the same month.

Seeing how massive the impact social media marketing has for a business, you surely don’t want to miss out. Here at WebSpree Digital, we find ways to create best-fit strategies to improve not only your social media presence but also your relationship with your clients. But we also make sure to use it to your advantage by providing platforms to directly influence users to make a paid transaction with your business.

Here’s a summary of what we offer:

  • Creation of a very informative account or profile
  • Brand promotion through unique designs and concise information
  • Utilise up to date marketing strategies
  • Regular and innovative posts for your market
  • Customer-first approach solution generation
  • Taking advantage of social media’s advertising strategies

We’ve got your business covered. Take advantage of this huge marketing strategy by talking to us today and call us at +61 438 800 701. You can also drop us an email anytime at

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