Campaign Briefing Document

This document is designed to get all the basic and important information about the business and use those information during the design, development and also during lifetime of the campaign.

  • Your business (“what is your core business?”)
  • Your customers (“who are your target customers?”)
  • Your relationship with your customers (“What products or services you have on offer?”)


How this document will help WebSpree?


WebSpree team knows that You have been doing your business for long enough to know all about the process, products or services and your target customers, but we will never know your business as well as you do. We need to understand what makes you and your business unique and these questions will help us understand exactly the same. What, Why, How, When about your business and most importantly the value you provide to your customers and clients and how you need us to communicate that for you.

This document will assist us in understanding your business and more about your process in extensive detail, helping us creating unique content for your new website and setup ongoing organic marketing campaign for you.

Please fill up this form with as much as details and accuracy that will help up build a strong foundation. Once completed, please submit the form. If needed, our back office will be in touch with you for further clarification about any information.

Please understand the importance of the information we collect here, which would reflect the successful completion of the project. Also, without the complete information the team will not be able to start the project in due time. Hence, please send the form as early as possible for WebSpree to start the campaign.


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